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East End Vertical

East End Vertical is the junior training branch of East End Volleyball.

Vertical represents the upward movement of athletes from the beginner level to the top. Our goal is to teach junior athletes the skills and knowledge to take their game to that next level.

Our mission is to help each individual athlete reach their full potential, while growing their love for this lifelong sport.


Kristen Rohr: Head Coach Grand Canyon University (2016-Present), 2022 AVCA Coach of the Year

"I have traveled all over the East Coast playing in EEVB tournaments for many years because of how awesome their events and staff are! I could not be more excited about their new East End Vertical junior program and I am looking forward to seeing the athletes growth over the years! The collegiate beach opportunities continue to blow up and it's a great time for the Long Island youth to start training to work towards the next level!"


Jackie Reed: Varsity Girls Volleyball Coach, Westhampton Beach High School, Varsity Boys Volleyball Coach, Westhampton Beach High School (2009-2019), Women’s Volleyball Grad. Asst. Coach, Canisius College (2006-2007)

"I have been part of the junior beach volleyball program as well as the adult program since the 90s. EEVB has done a great job of expanding both programs and allowing opportunities for all ages to participate and compete. EEVB's junior beach program has been expanding and offering opportunities that we cannot indoor.  We see our high school athletes participating in tournaments and clinics not only on the Island but earning bids to major tournaments along the East Coast. These athletes are making connections, developing their talents, and going off to competitively play in a sport that is expanding exponentially right now.  EEVB's new club program, East End Vertical, will provide junior athletes with the tools to be successful at the next level and give them an opportunity to be seen by college coaches."


Wayne Holly: CEO Beach Prospects, Head Coach Tulane University Beach Volleyball (2013-2019), Assistant Coach Georgia State Beach Volleyball (2019), Assistant Coach, Brown University Women's Volleyball (2011-2013)

"Rich Heiles and East End Volleyball have been providing opportunities for adults to play beach volleyball for more than four decades.  He is experienced, trusted, and deeply ingrained in the sport.  So when I saw that he was creating new opportunities for youth to learn and play the game, I thought it was terrific.  Increasing the training opportunities for youth in the sport will allow more players to come out of the northeast and compete for roster spots and scholarships in college.  I'm super excited for the creation of new opportunities for youth in the sport and to see another reputable and experienced person engaged in training youth players."

Evan Silberstein: Head Beach Volleyball Coach, University of Hawaii (2015 - Present)

"I grew up playing EEVB; from my high school days on Long Island, long before junior clubs were an option on the beach, to professional tournaments up and down the East Coast. I’ve followed their growth ever since then and am excited they will be developing local talent with expanded junior programming. The growth of the collegiate beach game is explosive right now and it's a great moment to see Long Island's best young volleyballers setting their sights in that direction."


Jake Elliott: Asst Beach Volleyball Coach, College of Charleston (2012-2021) 

“I am excited to hear that you guys are starting up East End Vertical on Long Island.  What a great opportunity for these young kids.  I wish you guys had that when I was their age.  Hopefully, it will take off and it will spread down into the Carolinas as well so my kids can be a part of a great program too.  With all of my years and experiences of playing East End Volleyball, I am sure whatever you guys get behind will be extremely successful.  I can't wait to see the talent that comes out of this program.  I wish you all the luck in building such an incredible platform to lift these kids into their future volleyball endeavors.”

Questions? Contact Us

Questions? Contact Us

East End Vertical